Flying Sch.

Air Traffic Service & Comm. Sch.

Aeronautical Telecomm Eng. Sch.

Aircraft Maintenance Eng. Sch.

Management Sch.

What does the acronym “NCAT” stand for?
This means Nigerian College of Aviation Technology.
  Location:  Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

What Courses does NCAT offer?

The College has 4 Training Schools co-located. The courses offered depend on the school of interest. Click on links below to view courses offered by each School.

  Flying School Courses
  Aircraft Maintenance Engineering School Courses
  Aeronautical Telecommunication Engineering School
  Air Traffic Services/Communication School

What are the entry requirements?

This is specific to the course of study but generally, you Must hold a Senior Secondary School Certificate with minimum of 5 credits (Physics, Math, English Language inclusive). A certificate of medical fitness is also mandatory. University degrees/HND’s are required for Abridged Courses. An entrance exam is conducted and if successful, the candidate is considered for admission. However, personnel in the aviation industry seeking admission are considered based on certain criteria.

How can one obtain the admission forms, and how much do they cost?
Admission forms are available on request. They cost N 5000 only, and can be obtained at the academic office of the College. On receipt of a bank draft payable to NCAT and a forwarding address, the form could also be mailed.

Are the admission form fees refundable?
No they are not.

What do I pay as course fees, and what is the duration?
This depends on your course of choice. Follow link to view Course Fees and Duration.

Does NCAT accept installmental payment?

This depends on the course of study. Short duration courses usually  attract full payment, but long duration courses  may be paid in full/installments

Is there any age limit to admission?
Persons from 17 years of age may apply. Certain courses may however have age range stipulated

How many semesters make a session?
The duration is usually calculated in weeks, not semesters as obtained in Nigerian tertiary institutions

What do fees cover?
The fees usually cover tuition, boarding and feeding and On-The-Job Training except otherwise stated.
Can one stay off campus to reduce cost of school fees (i.e. boarding exclusive)?
No, this has not been the practice. Certain factors in play do not make this advisable (e.g. security).
What recreational facilities does NCAT offer?
Basketball Court, Tennis Court, Swimming Pool, Golf Course, Badminton Court, Football pitch are available on campus.